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Designed and produced by INA-GRM, GRM Tools plugins are the result of many years of experimentation and development of sound processing software for use by musicians, composers and sound designers.

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Ina - GRM GRM Tools Spectral Transform 3

GRM Tools Spectral Transform (ST) is a bundle of four plug-ins that provides extremely powerful tools to transform deeply the spectral content of your audio material.

Ina - GRM GRM Creative Bundle

INA-GRM have handpicked a collection of some of their famous plug-ins, that can be used in a musical context specifically for mix engineers and sound designers, DJ’s, etc

Ina - GRM GRM Tools Complete II

Find all four GRM Tools bundles in one pack : GRM Tools Evolution, GRM Tools Classic, GRM Tools Spectral Transform and GRM Tools Spaces.

Ina - GRM GRM Tools Evolution

The three new GRM Tools from the Evolution bundle let you enter in a new world of sound design and novel harmonic treatments: vocoder and evolutionary morphing, shifts filters, timbral glissandi, noising, etc.

Ina - GRM GRM Tools Spaces

Spaces is a brand new “GRM Tools” bundle that contains 3 effective multi channel plug-ins that let you take control of how your sound sources move through the sound field whether it is a simple stereo file, a Multichannel setup or a multi-speaker diffusion network. It gives you the control over where you want to locate your sound and/or where you want it to travel to. 

Ina-Grm GRM Tools Classic 3 Bundle

Creative Sound Design Tools plugin Bundle

Ina-Grm GRM Tools Complete I

Three GRM Tools bundles in one pack plugin Bundle