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MIDI Interfaces

Multiport MIDI interfaces for PC and Mac
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iConnectivity iConnectMIDI 1+

The rock-solid 1x1 MIDI interface to connect your MIDI instrument to a Mac, PC, or iOS device.

iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+ Lightning Edition

The + means you connect two computing devices (Mac/iOS/PC) and all your MIDI gear to one exciting MIDI + audio interface

iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+ Lightning Edition

iConnectMIDI4+ completely redefines the concept. It’s a MIDI + audio interface, integrating today's professional multiple-computer set-ups with iOS devices and MIDI hardware in one unit.

iConnectivity mio

1x1 MIDI interface for Mac or PC with world-class iConnectivity engineering inside.

iConnectivity Mio10 Advanced 10-In/10-Out USB to MIDI Interface

10 x 10 USB MIDI Interface with Dual USB Computer Connections, Wi-Fi/Ethernet MIDI Support, Onboard MIDI Routing, MIDI Filtering, MIDI Merge, and Standalone Operation

M-Audio MIDISPORT 2x2 Anniversary Edition

2-in/2-out USB Bus-Powered MIDI Interface for MAC/PC

M-Audio MIDISPORT 4x4 Anniversary Edition

4-in/4-out USB MIDI Interface for MAC/PC


2x2 USB Bus-Powered MIDI Interface with MIDI Thru PC/MAC

MOTU Micro Express USB

4x6 USB Bus-Powered MIDI Interface with SMPTE and Standalone Operation Mac/PC

MOTU micro lite

5x5 Expandable USB MIDI Interface for PC/MAC

MOTU MIDI Express 128

8x8 USB Bus-Powered MIDI Interface MAC/PC


8x8 USB MIDI Interface with SMTPE and Standalone Operation - PC/MAC