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myMix personal monitor mixer allows musicians to create a natural sound experience even with IEMs. This eliminates listening fatigue and allows musicians to stay in the creative flow and play better. Techs are able to listen in to individual mixes if needed. Very little tuning is needed once the 3D sound image is created. The audio network can handle up to 500 channels so musicians have the fr...eedom to choose what they want and are no longer overwhelmed by things they don't need. The intuitive interface allows the user to navigate the device without the need for technical knowledge. Additionally, each unit can instantly multi-track record up to 18 tracks of 24bit, 48kHz time-stamped .wav audio files to a compliant SD card. Units are connected by CAT5 cabling to an Ethernet switch. Both analogue and digital connections are available with connections to most all consoles.
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myMix-Personal Monitor Mixer

Networked personal mixer & multi-track recorder, records up to 16+2 tracks of 24-bit / 48kHz audio to optional SDHC cards