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Audio Hardware

Looking for studio recording equipment? ADK offers the latest professional audio gear along with expert pre-sales advice to help make the right decision when our audio gear. We have over 18 years’ experience selling recording equipment and digital audio workstations solutions for any size recording studio. Song writers, composers, home recording, Project Studio, Professional production studio and post production. We have the right solution for any size production.

Need help choosing the right audio interface, midi interface, microphones, studio monitors or anything else for your studio? Even if you are just starting out home or commercial recording studio, voice over work or post production studio we can help you out with our expert advice. We here at ADK are dedicated to make sure you find the right solutions at the right price.

Do you want to upgrade the sound quality and gear in your studio? We offer a full line of microphones for almost any application. Upgrade your studio monitors, audio interface, Midi interface, AD-DA converters and almost any other studio gear. You can trust ADK to help you find what you need for your budget.

Are you doing video production or need to offer it in your studio? Do you already offer audio, video and multimedia production in multi- room facility? ADK offers full line of high end video production equipment and software to add to your studio. We clients include many top studios, broadcast and production facilities all over the world. We know how important and mission critical your sessions need to be. With our professional advice, legendary post-sales and tech support and free shipping options we strive to help your studio grow and your creativity to flow.

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OX-Amp Top Box

Reactive Load Box and Speaker Emulator for Tube Amplifiers

PreSonus Em-Mount Earmix 16M Stand Mount

Mic clip and pole mounting kit for one (1) EarMix 16M unit

PreSonus Faderport V2

FaderPortâ„¢: USB Production Controller

RME Audio RM-19

Rackmount Adaptor for Multiface II, ADI-2, FF-400

RME Audio RM-19X

Rackmount Adaptor for MADIface XT, ADI-2 Pro

RME Audio Unirack 19/MKII

Universal RME Rack Mount Shelf - replaces the HDSP UM